The Bennett & Bennett partnership was founded in 1988 by brothers Peter W. Bennett and Leigh P. Bennett.This law firm carries on in the proud tradition of their late father, Chester R."Chet" Bennett, who was a respected Edmonds attorney and an active community leader for over thirty years. Peter and Leigh provide high quality and cost effective legal services, in which clients have come to associate with the Bennett name over the past four decades. Recently, Blair J. Bennett has been added to the team to continue on the Bennett legacy.

The goal of Bennett and Bennett is to help guide their clients successfully through the often complex processes of Estate Planning, Probate, Trusts, Elder Law, Real Estate and related legal matters, and to make the process, educational, high quality, practical, clear and cost effective.

For 25 years, attorneys and brothers, Peter W. Bennett and Leigh Bennett have been helping clients intelligently plan for life with a disability and for eventual demise. When an event does occur, advance planning can make all the difference in the world. They are there for the planning stages and then also for the post event administration.

Their philosophy is to use detailed advance planning for clients now, to minimize the potential for problems in the future, and especially to try and avoid later situations which may result in costly litigation. They also help clients safely integrate the services of other specialized attorneys or qualified professionals, such as Certified Public Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies, Engineers, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and Realtors, into the process, if necessary and desirable, to maximize planning in each case.

Peter and Leigh are admitted to practice in all of the courts in the State of Washington. They are members of the Washington State Bar Association and the Snohomish County Bar Association. If they can't take the case, they attempt to refer the case to other attorneys.

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Areas of Practice

Peter W. Bennett
Leigh P. Bennett
Blair J. Bennett

Estate Planning

-Wills, Simple & Complex
-Trusts Living, Simple & Complex
-Estate Tax Planning
-Durable Power of Attorneys
-Health Care Directives

Probate Administration

Trust Administration

Elder Law Concerns

Medicaid Planning

Real Estate (General, Complex)

Land Use

Nuptial Agreements

Business Entities,Formation & Incorporation

Buy & Sell Agreements